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 We have a wide range of tips stop in and have a look…



Mandrel Bends 

We stock a wide range of mandrel bends in stainless steel, aluminized and mild steel ranging from 1” to 8”. We sell it over the counter or custom fit it to your vehicle making them ideal for intercooler pluming, exhaust work and induction applications.

 Our stainless steal mandrel bends are made out of high grade 304 polished stainless steel.  Most attractive for people who want show car quality on their intercooler pluming, custom exhaust and induction applications.




We stock most two and there bolt gaskets as well as gaskets for manifold’s and turbo. Give us a call or come in and talk to one of our guys.


Flange (custom)


Here at speedy we have a wide range of flanges, two bolt, three bolt, four bolt and a wide range of other arrangement’s, if we don’t have what you need or if you wont something out of the ordinary then we can help. With our ability to have flanges cut to any desired shape wether it’s for a dump pipe (plate on the turbo) or your custom manifold or extractors (plates on the head). Our laser cut plates ensure that they will be precise and neat, ideal for a show car or just if you want the best for your vehicle. Our plates are available in stainless steel or mild steel. Give us a call or come in and talk to our guys.




If it’s an exhaust rubber you need, then it’s an exhaust rubber we stock, ranging from short to long or small to large we will have the right exhaust rubber for the job.



Studs and Nuts

 We stock studs and nuts to suit all applications. Give us a call or come in and talk to our guys.


Hardware productsHardware products




 We stock all of the exhaust clamps that you could require and we also stock clamps for your intercooler pluming.  Give us a call or come in and talk to our guys.




Adjustable Silencers

 Adjustable silencers are an effective way to reduce the noise of your cannons. It is as simple as turning the inner valve of the silencer to adjust the noise level.


SS Inductions

SS Inductions have Cold Air Induction Kits and Throttle bodies to suit most Fords, Holdens and Hyundais.

Cool air that is forced into a car's engine is a well proven way of improving your car's performance. Cool air is mandatory for optimum performance, as it contains more oxygen than warm air and is therefore denser, resulting in a more effective burning of the fuel mix.

Cold Air Induction systems are designed to channel high-pressure cool air from the front of a moving car directly to the airbox.

This ramming effect of cool air provides superior performance to that of a pod system which filters swirling hot air from within the engine bay with no ramming effect whatsoever.

Your ECU and / or airflow meter are designed to detect this increase of cool air and alter the air/fuel mixture accordingly. High- pressure air flow is forced into the engine like a slight supercharging effect.

Increased efficiency from a Cold Air Induction system produces:

More Power
Better Torque
Improved Fuel Economy
Better Acceleration
Smoother Performance









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