Custom Exhaust

Here at Speedy’s, we specialize in custom exhausts. Offering 1¼” to 2 ½” press bent systems and 1” to 6” mandrel bent systems. Available in mild steel or stainless steel. We do offer stainless welding and tigging. We can make your system to any requirements, to suit your engine….

Because we custom make it, you can add or take out pretty much whatever you like, making your system ideal for when you are on the race track or on the street.
Give us a call, or stop in and talk to our guys.

Standard System

When it comes to your standard system’s you have two options…

One option is the cheaper universal muffler, this is a muffler that is (blank) they have no pipe work or hangers; we make up the appropriate pipe work and hangers to fit your vehicle, generally used when the muffler is damaged or rusted out.

Bolt on
The second option is we fit a standard bolt on system. These exhausts are made from high quality material, and come with hangers and the appropriate pipe work. With this system it can be fitted to the already existing exhaust, meaning that you can change the part of the system that is defective. Bolt on exhausts are recommended because they are generally quieter and more durable than universal exhausts.

Sports Systems

Power, precision, performance and pitch all in one package. Do you want to increase your cars (hp/kw), hear a sportier exhaust note, and get better fuel economy without compromising the ground clearance. We make our performance systems with all of these features in mind to give you the best all round sports exhaust.

Powerful Reasons for choosing a Sports System.

Improved fuel economy
Increased power for towing
Engine runs cooler and more efficiently
Helps extend your engines life
More torque (For cars and 4 wheel drives)
Ideal for diesel

We can help you get the most out of your vehicles exhaust system.
 A restrictive exhaust creates too much pressure in the exhaust system that affects the performance of your vehicle in two ways.

Firstly, the engine has to work much harder to force the exhaust gases out of the combustion chamber. Secondly, the engine cannot discard burnt exhaust gases out of the combustion chamber efficiently. This leaves exhaust gases in the combustion chamber to dilute incoming air/fuel mixtures and rob your engine of horsepower.

Installing extractors/dump pipe and a sports system allows the exhaust gases to flow more freely and reduce back pressure within the exhaust system. This will provide more horsepower and torque by drawing spent exhaust gases out of the combustion chamber through the process known as scavenging. As well as better power and torque, you often get better fuel economy by reducing back pressure. Here at Speedy’s we can fit a ready made sports system, or custom make one to meet your requirements.

When it comes to your Sports System’s you have two options.

Press Bent Sport Systems
The one option is a press bent sports system. This system is suitable for cars and 4wd. These systems normally range from 2” to 21/2”. This style of system is very affective in achieving performance from your vehicle while keeping the cost to a minimum. Not recommended if your vehicle is turbo/supercharged.

Mandrel Bent Sport Systems
The other option is a mandrel bent sports system. This type of system is highly recommended for 6 and 8 cylinders vehicles or for 4 cylinder vehicles that are turbo/supercharged. We stock a wide range of mandrel bent exhaust system that are ready to bolt onto your car or 4wd, from such brands as Redback, Genie, Zetti and X Force. Available in highly polished stainless and mild steel. We can also custom make you a mandrel bent sports system, to meet all and any of your requirements.
See custom exhaust


Extractors are usually used when the original manifold has cracked due to extreme heat, or if you want more performance or fuel economy out of your vehicle.

We fit and recommend Genie, Pacemaker, Wild Cat, Redback, X Force, Zetti, Hi Tech, Hurricane, Boss, Lukey/Motivator and Hm headers and extractors.

How do extractors work?
On a standard engine, burnt exhaust gases are dumped from the combustion chambers (cylinders) into a single piped manifold, which is attached to the exhaust pipe.

This dumping cause’s turbulence in the manifold, since there is not enough space for all the exhaust gases, a higher level of engine back pressure is created, making the engine work harder to force out exhaust gases, wasting engine power.

Because the exhaust gases cannot get out of the manifold, into the exhaust system efficiently enough, some of this gas is forced back into the combustion chamber, diluting the air/fuel mixture. Robing your engine of more horsepower and resulting in fuel combustion efficiency being reduced, causing the engine to run hotter and wear faster.

Why are extractors not fitted as standard equipment?

- Extractors cannot be made on a high speed production line as easily as compact cast iron manifolds.

- Extractors are slightly more expensive to produce then standard manifolds.

Why should I choose/use extractors?

Extractors provide your vehicle with more power and more economy. Typical power increases of 5-15% are common. With even more horsepower increase possible by fitting a larger more free flowing exhaust system, creating a smoother and powerful ride.
Give us a call or come in and talk to our guys about what best suits your needs.

Catalytic Converter

This component is a very important part of your exhaust system. It converts all the harmful gases produced by an engine into environmentally acceptable carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen and water. Our catalytic converters are constructed from stainless steel and have a ceramic substrate internal, a honeycomb like structure. Our catalytic converters comply with Australian standards, so when you use our catalytic converters you are helping to keep our air clean.

Catco CTO-6904-R: Catalytic Converter, Stainless Steel, Universal, 2 in. Inlet/Outlet, 12 3/4 in. Length, EachCatco CTO-6906R: Catalytic Converter, Stainless Steel, Universal, 2 1/2 in. Inlet/Outlet, 12 3/4 in. Length, EachCatco CTO-2907: Catalytic Converter, Stainless Steel, Universal, 3 in. Inlet/Outlet, 16 1/2 in. Length, Each

We also have a wide range of high flow cats available in polished stainless steel for that show car look. Give us a call or come in and speak to the guys about what we can do for your system.


We have a wide variety of cannons ranging form 4” to 12” round and oval, in stainless steel or titanium*.

( * sizes are restricted)
Stop in and have a look at our full range.

Resonator (Hot Dog)

A resonator or hot dog as it is known in the industry is a “little muffler”, used to help quieten down exhaust systems. Made with either a perforated or fluted inner lining it has a straight throw design which does not restrict the flow of exhaust gases, but does reduce the noise. Most commonly used on sport’s system, but can be used on standard systems. 

Flex Pipe

Flex Pipes are mainly designed for east to west engines. These engines place more stress on the exhaust systems because of the way they move towards and away from the exhaust. A flex pipe is placed in the exhaust system because it can absorb engine vibration which reduces the vibration transmitted to the exhaust system and the motor vehicle body, helping to take the stress out of the exhaust system. Flex pipe are also sometimes used in north to south engines and always on diesel engines.


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